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Hi, I'm Scott. 

I feel my calling is to "help others move forward".  That means guiding people from right where they are in all walks of life, using proven methods, toward living a more stress free, financially secure life. 


After having been in really deep debt under difficult circumstances, my wife and I pushed our way out of that mess.  We experienced the struggles, doubts, fears, excitement, and thrill of eliminating all the debt and landing into a much healthier financial position.  


I've worked in the insurance, mortgage, and investment fields and have a number of trusted professionals with whom I can refer and counsel with in regards to helping clients find answers to their financial issues. 


I have been married to my college sweetheart, Bonnie, for 44 years. We have 2 married daughters, 2 grandsons, and 3 granddaughters.  I have taught Financial Peace University in the area for a few years now and serve as a small group leader in my local church.  


I am an Illinois State University graduate and have completed the Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training program.


Bonnie and I lived in the Chicago, IL area for several years and currently reside in Bloomington, Illinois. 

Who do I Help?

I help people who are frustrated about not getting ahead financially.  They make a good income but don’t have much, if anything, to show for it.  I help those who are really concerned about paying for their kid’s college and wondering if they’ll even be able to retire. I help those who think the only way out of their financial woes is bankruptcy.  

How do I help?

First, I want to have a conversation to get to know you and get a good idea of some of the issues you’re facing.  I’ll ask questions that will help us get to what might be the source of the problems or challenges you’re dealing with.  Then we’ll discuss what steps we might be able to take toward getting you out of the situation you find yourself in.  Depending on the issue(s) I might suggest you invest an hour, or, if the need arises, we’ll meet two, three, or more times.   Either way we’ll agree upon the time invested. 

What's in it for You?

My job is not to judge – it is to fully understand your situation, provide as much information as I can to give you clear opportunities, and inject hope for you and your future.  You’ll get a new perspective of what your situation really looks like.  You’ll have more options coming out of our get together than you currently have now.

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